Spielberg Race Track Introduction

A quick lap under tricky conditions on the brand new Formula1 race track of Spielberg / Austria. Discover the track with Ricciardo and Vettel, supported by Christian Horner over team radio. Maybe you want to bring your umbrella...

A lot of ideas were tried out in the layout phase of the project of how to build a stylized Austrian mountain landscape. The moods ranged from artsy chrome landscapes with fluffy trees over a completely wooden environment to hills packed with curly circles. As the race takes place right in the middle of summer we quickly realized that we had to avoid everything that even remotely resembles an icy snowcovered landscape. Taking the lush green hillslopes of the area into account we ended up with the striped variations of green that you can see in the final animation.

For the first time ever we were asked to put rain into one of our animations. For achieving the wet and gloomy look we used a variety of techniques ranging from modeled 3D raindrops in slowmotion shots to 2.5D AfterEffects / Particular rain for added spraying goodness. All of the rain shots were treated with a good amount of TurbulenceFD smoke and spray simulations for the wet trail of the cars. Put in some simulations for ground water along with ripple shaders and splash fakes derived from the wakes of cruise ships and you're in for one wet ride.


  • Produced for & in close partnership with: Red Bull Media House GmbH Andreas Gall
    Director / Producer: Peter Clausen, Peter Clausen Film & TV GmbH
    Line Producer / Author: Cecilia Trück
    Animation Studio: Aixsponza GmbH
  • CG Director / Editing: Christian Tyroller
    VFX Supervisor / CD: Manuel Casasola-Merkle
    Producer: Julian Fischer
  • 3D Artists / Animators: Leohard Akinbiyi, Christian Lachenschmidt, Sven Mai, Christian Scheck, Marco Seeberger, Philipp Strasser, Matthias Zabiegly
    CAD & Modeling: Holger Aumüller
    Rigging: Jörg Vogel
    Shading Artist: Raphael Rau
    Fluid Simulation: Fuat Yüksel, Achim August Tietz
    Compositing: Alexander Gabrysch, Tobias Müller
    Composer: Andrej Melita
    Sound Design & Mix: Heiko Müller