When roses turn golden it's the royal scent of Silan cloth softener. Working on footage supplied to us by the production company we added growing ornaments made of gold, roses and glittering particles floating in mid air.

These are some of the initial layouts. Trying out different shapes and materials we went towards a golden ornament that is both shiney and polished as well as light weight and airy. Growing out of nothing to support the top of the line Silan bottles they sport full CGI roses blossoming around a cloth softener that is really fit for royal use.


  • Client: Henkel AG
    Production Company: PPM Filmproductions GmbH, Wien
    Animation Studio: Aixsponza GmbH
  • CD / VFX Supervisor: Manuel Casasola-Merkle
    3D Artists: Fuat Yüksel, Marcel Dolschon, Patrick Hecht
    Animation Artist: Christian Scheck
  • Compositing: Alexander Gabrysch
    Production Manager: Anne Tyroller