Niemetz Schwedenbomben

I love emotionally, You love women.  I like my single life, You wanna get married. I love choco, I love coco. One of them is always your favourite! Especially if it's mouth-watering fluid simulated chocolate along with tasty coco flakes.

All the motives started out as neat pencil drawings on paper and were then brought into the world of 3d by ZBrush sculptings. Basically everything you see in the spot started out as a sculpt, from the froth core over chocolate motives, coco flakes and the final packshot versions of the sweets. Everything that moves (except the camera of course) was simulated in Houdini taking extra care that the fluid meshes come with nice UV mappings that flow with the fluid. Coco flakes falling onto the melted chocolate were also done in Houdini as that allowed the flakes to create little indents when they meet with the chocolate. Finally all that sweet simulation superbness was brought over to c4d and rendered with vray.

To create the very fine and detailed structure of the foam core we filled baking trays with different kinds of milk froth, whipped cream or beaten egg whites to capture as much of surface texture variations as we could. To pull good maps from these pictures we photographed the trays four times, adjusting the lighting to get an image lit from top, bottom, left and right. These four images where then combined in Photoshop with the light information put into the respective colour channels to form a tangent space normal map. The colour textures of the foam core should represent the not-quite-perfect nature of hand made chocolate sweets that Niemetz is producing. For the swirly arcs of cocoa in egg white we used a 2d fluid simulation technique integrated in Verve Painter to paint natural and fluid smears.


  • Client: Heidi Chocolat AG
    Agency: Demner, Merlicek, Bergmann Werbegesellschaft mbH
    Head of TV: Eva Hessler
    Agency Creative Director: Rosa Haider-Merlicek
    Agency Art Director: Mario Goldsteiner
    Copywriter: Kiyoshi Kubo
    Account Manager: Ana Tanjga
    Account Director: Helmut Schliefsteiner
  • Director: Christian Tyroller
    Producer: Julian Fischer
    Lead3d: Matthias Zabiegly
    Sculpting: Patrick Hecht, Lars Korb
    Simulation TD: Martin Matzeder
    Compositing: Tobias Müller, Jonas Stiltz
  • Music: Soundfeiler GmbH