Deutsche Welle REV - On Air Package

REV is a weekly TV magazine on Deutsche Welle covering all sorts of topics from the realm of mobility. We created the full on-air package for the show.


Being involved right from the start of the process we developed a concept to meet the requirements having a very versatile set of on air tools that convey energetic and powerfull motions. As the show is not only about cars and driving but a more general meaning of mobility we tried to find an interpretation that is broader than just showing engines and other car related imagery.

Elements & Assets

The Concept we developed relied heavily on strokes to convey a feeling of motion so we needed strokes. Obviously they can be created digitally but we opted for a more analogue approach. This gave us a phletora of detail and natural beauty. And a lot of fun splattering our office with black paint.

The Logo Evolution

Part of the brief was giving the existing REV logo a new spin. We went into two different directions. Option A was a more three dimensional logo which plays nicely with light and shadow. The second approach featured a flat two dimensional logo which focuses more on the actual content and doesn't see itself as too important in the framing. In the end everybody was happy to go with the 2d, puristic logo choice.


Playground before it's getting serious. Strong colors and bold movements get your mobility goin'.


  • Client: Deutsche Welle
    Creative Direction @ DW: Carola Kunz, Maria Regenspurger, Holger Zeh
    Producer @ DW: Nadja Laffin
  • Creative Direction @ Aix: Christian Tyroller
    Producer @ Aix: Julian Fischer
    Art Direction: Elisabeth Schlichtner, Sermin Kaynak