Red Bull Transforming Formula One

We're back on track with Formula1. Heck Yeah!

We created another animation for Formula1. Introducing Vettels new colleague Daniel Ricciardo we take a closer look at the inner workings of the race car. Animating our way through all the rule changes of the 2014 season the whole thing is converted from last years RB9 to the state of the art RB10 racing car.

As the storyboard called for closeup shots of Vettel and Ricciardo in their racing helmets we created 3d photoscans of both pilots. Additionally three cameras were used to capture animated textures of their faces. The stabilized footage was mapped onto retopo geometry of the scan which gaves us realtime animated faces in the 3d viewport. For various shots fluid effects like smoke and fire were needed. These were simulated and rendered using TurbulenceFD for Cinema4d. What proved to be quite difficult to handle was the massive amount of geometry we had to put in the glas cars. Approximately half of the car parts were delivered as CAD models, the other half was modelled by ourselves. Polycount came clocking in with a huge number, calling for a severe update of computer memory.


  • Peter Clausen Film & TV Produktions GmbH in partnership with Red Bull Media House, Andreas Gall
    Voice-Over: Sebastian Vettel & Daniel Ricciardo
    Director & Producer: Peter Clausen
    Line Producer: Cecilia Trück
    VFX Director / Editing: Christian Tyroller
    VFX Supervisor / CD: Manuel Casasola Merkle
    Head of 3D Production: Matthias Zabiegly
    Producer Animation Studio: Julian Fischer
  • 3D Artists: Leonhard Akinbiyi, Elisabeth Schlichtner, Jens Kindler, Michael Haupt, Jörg Vogel, Sven Mai, Holger Aumüller, Christian Freisleder, Lars Korb, Stefan Voigt, Holger Biebrach, Simon Fiedler, Patrick Hecht
    Junior 3D Artist: Thilo Seifert
    Animators: Philipp Strasser, Christian Scheck, Christian Lachenschmidt
    FX: Fuat Yüksel
    Supervisor Car Asset: Holger Aumüller
    Shading Artist: Raphael Rau
    CAD: Christian Förg, Maruan Attia, Markus Sick
    Rigging: Jörg Vogel
    Tracking: Johannes Weiss
    Rotoscope: Manuel Voss
    Compositing: Alexander Gabrysch, Tobias Müller, David Bobichon
  • Production Assistant: Jessica Lorenz
    DoP: Philipp Geigel
    1st Asst Camera: Hendrik Jansen
    2nd Asst Camera: Stefan Betz
    Key Grip: Clemens Bachmann
    Grip Asst: Chrissi Heinrich
    Gaffer: Jürgen Thiele
    Electricians: Christian Weber, Christof v. Barany
    Special Constructions: Henrik Scheib
    Make-Up Artist: Sabine Gludovacz
    Stand-In Rehearsals: Adrian Lobo
    Sound Recording, Design & Mixes: Heiko Müller
    Music Composer: Andrej Melita
    Dubbing Voice Daniel: Beni Weber