Penny - Protected Animals

Things to be learned from this one: When preparing for a safari it's super important to check your cooling water, radio equipment and that the elephant is not eating all of your food supplies before you even start going.


  • Client: PENNY
    Agency: Serviceplan Campaign3 GmbH
    FFF: Neverest Group GmbH

    CG director @ Aix: Tobias Müller
    Producer @Aix: Julian Fischer
  • 3D scanning: Holger Biebrach
    Sculpting: Lars Korb
    Lead 3D: Leo Akinbiyi
    Animation: Leo Akinbiyi, Alexander Bootz, Can Erduman
    3D Rendering: Jens Kindler, Lisa Schlichtner, Matthias Zabiegly
  • Compositing: Tobias Müller
    Product Photography: Oliver Maier
    Product Preparation: Andreas Walther