Penny Misfits

Ever wondered how fruits and veggies dress up for halloween and how their trick or treatin' plays out? Find out in this creepy scary spine-chilling spooky spot we did for Penny Misfits. (Viewer discretion advised!)

The Scare Squad

Due to the in-store usage of the graphics next to the plush toys, it was critical to be as faithful as possible, so we started off a photo scanned reference and carefully recreated Misfits, right down to the individual stitches.

While we already encountered our fair share of furry Animals, these eight highly detailed ones required quite a few specialized solutions. Most of our plush friends, started out with a base coat of fluffy fur, with a lot of stitched details, and different materials on various parts of their bodies. 

Spooky Skeletons and Angst-inducing Animation

Due to differences between Misfits, no rig was equal. Some had wings, others additional flaps on the head. For the Kiwi, it was necessary to build a custom hair setup using the updated Mograph tools in Cinema4D S22. In general every Misfit got a custom treat for rigging and also animation.

Transilvanian Territories

Creating engaging and believable worlds is one of our passions at Aixsponza. We strongly believe that a detailed world that furthers the story and supports the hero element provides a dense and emotional experience. Working in close contact with the client, from a simple sketch, towards a highly refined and polished version of the initial rough idea we arrived quickly at a castle as a focal point and “home base” for the misfits.


  • Client: Penny Markt GmbH
    Agency: Serviceplan Campaign3 GmbH
    FFF: Neverest Group GmbH
  • Creative Director: Tobias Müller
    Animation Director: Leo Akinbiyi
    Producer: Julian Fischer

    Sculpting: Dominik Högn, Lars Korb
    Environment Artist: Holger Aumüller, Christian Scheck
    3D Rigging: Sebastian Pfeiffer
    Animation: Alexander Bootz, Can Erduman, Chris Underberg
    3D Artist: Paul Gröger, Jens Kindler, Srajal Mandwal, Lisa Schlichtner, Khoa Vu, Matthias Zabiegly
    Compositing: Tobias Müller
    2D Animation: Barbara Mitterer
  • Photography: Matthias Fuchs
    Rigging Puppet Props: Andreas Walther