Penny Hundkatzhausen

When things are too hard to do on your own there's always friends to help out. A visit at Hundkatzhausen, the place where fluffy all-CG dogs and cats enjoy a fun life together.


  • Client: Penny
    Agency: Serviceplan CP3
    FFF: Neverest

    Production: Aixsponza
  • Creative Director: Tobias Müller
    Animation Director: Leo Akinbiyi
    Art Direction Print: Elisabeth Schlichtner

    Producer: Julian Fischer
  • Animation Artists: Chris Unterberg, Manuel Weiss, Can Erduman, Alexander Bootz, Raphaela Klein, Sebastian Pfeiffer
    Rigging: Holger Biebrach
    Modelling: Felix Wolf, Lars Korb, Fabian Rosenkranz, Nick Zieroff
    3D Artist: Christian Scheck, Leo Akinbiyi, Jens Kindler
    Photography: Oliver Maier
    SFX: Andreas Walther