Nike - UltraBreathe

Ultra highres asset creation for Nikes UltraBreathe sports bras.

We used our micro detail photogrammetry workflow to create super high res digital assets out of Nikes sports bra lineup. These assets were mainly used for 14k resolution prints and were also made suitable for animation rendering.

Ultra highres print

just in case you want to print ads to cover skyscrapers. Make sure to check the 100% cuts for insane detail on the textiles!


  • Client: Nike Inc. Global Design
    Nike Creative Director: David Oliva

    Creative Director: Manuel Casasola Merkle
    Producer: Julian Fischer
  • Sculpting Artists: Lars Korb, Jens Kindler
    Cloth Simulation: Hannes Gerl, Sebastian Kowalski
    Shading & Rendering: Dobromir Dyankov, Stefan Voigt
  • Music & Soundeffects: Michael Fakesch, desingingsounds