Nike Techfleece

Freezing cold winds and icy rains, grim weather conditions yet you're outside? Nikes Techfleece line of products will keep you warm. And they'll keep you agile in all their lightweight quality. Turn freezing into fleecing!


From zero to hero in three rounds. Together with Nike Sportswear | Global Brand Design we could put our skills in the whole creative development process. Three rounds of presentation-feedback-changes have been used until we got the thing nailed down. Here's what we presented: 


Black and White (and Red).
To start the project of we were trying wildly different directions. Yet there is a few fixed boundaries in the process that we gave to ourselves: One thing we knew we wanted to do was limiting us to a very straightforward color palette of black-white-red. As warmth is one of the main topics using strong red was a no brainer. Additionally we were aiming for clear and simple language in terms of shapes used, spiced up with one "fancy" element to add interest.


Feedback on round one was pretty positive and we could go ahead with our bold color scheme and shapes idea. One of the bigger inputs that Nike Sportswear | Global Brand Design had was to incorporate more the shielding effect of Nikes products. So the unfriendly grim conditions stay outside while you're really comfy and warm on the inside.

And that's what we tried to work into our designs in round two. Techfleece sheltering you and providing a warm interior.


The one image that really killed it in round two was the Techfleece-forming-umbrella-shape one and we were asked to do some more development on that one as we could use this as one of the main themes of the animation. Another direction was to think of a way to start and end the animation using live action footage. This is were we thought of picking up the surface pattern of the jacket to have it unravel in single strings that later form all the shapes we need. A versatile approach we were hoping.


  • Client: Nike Sportswear | Global Brand Design
    Producer: Jess Puttermann
    Brand Design Director: Andre Simmons
  • Producer Aix: Julian Fischer
    Creative Director: Christian Tyroller
    Director: Manuel Casasola Merkle, Christian Tyroller
    Technical Director: Manuel Casasola Merkle, Matthias Zabiegly
    Compositing: Sylvi Rössler, Manuel Voss
    Music: Michael Fakesch, Designingsounds
  • 3d Layout: Lukas Eberle, Nejc Polovsak, Elisabeth Schlichtner, Vincent Schwenk, Moritz Schwind, Jan Sladecko, Benno Verschüren, Matthias Zabiegly, Santi Zoraidez, Ondrej Zunka
    3d Production: Leo Akinbiyi, Lukas Eberle, Patrick Hecht, Jens Kindler, Lars Korb, Moritz Schwind, Jan Sladecko, Philipp Strasser, Ondrej Zunka