Nike - Flyleather

The introduction of a brand new high tec material. Nike Flyleather, the greatest advance in leather since... well, leather. Wow, I nike that!

If you wanna see everything out in the wild: here's Nikes' dedicated Flyleather site.

Here's a few frames we did during the layout / design phase. Showing the assembley of the multilayer material was the main task in this animation so a lot of research went into getting those wires under control and interacting with the injected flock coating that forms the flyleather.

Houdini and Redshifts were the tools of choice for this project.


  • Client: Nike Inc.
    Marketing Operation Director: Lori Severson
    Global Brand Designer: Daniella de Carlo, Pascal Fritz
  • Creative Directors: Manuel Casasola Merkle, Moritz Schwind
    Producer: Julian Fischer
  • 3d Artists: Christo Hatzigiakoumis, Lars Korb, Ben Watts

    Sound: Michael Fakesch