Nike - Flyknit "Britain Berry"

Stawberries and cream, a winning tradition at Wimbledon. Just like Nike and tennis. Originating from Tudors court (serving strawberries, not Nike) people stuck to this combination for quite a while now. Just like tennis players stuck to their Nikes - it's just working well in combination.

Design Phase

a lot of ideas were passed around and tried out on the way to the final look of the print image.

From colorful to reduced palettes, more literal to completely over the top interpretations, from liquid to graphic - here's some of them:


  • Client: Nike USA Inc.
    Producer: Corey Green
    Global Brand Designer: Pascal Fritz
  • Creative Director: Manuel Casasola Merkle
    Producer @ Aix: Julian Fischer
  • Artists: Manuel Casasola Merkle, Lars Korb, Jordi Pagès, Santi Zoraidez