Nike CR7 Chapters

Christiano Ronaldo - a footballers career like no other. Looking back at the various chapters of his professional history and Nikes' support thereof we crafted two animations celebrating both the ingenious footballer and the craftsmanship that went into creating the perfect soccer boot by Nike.

Becoming CR7
in 7 chapters

Creative Development

In close cooperation with Nike we developed the concept for these two animations (as well as print images, social variants and everything else that belongs to such a campaign) based on the chapters of Christiano Ronaldos career and linked that to the development of the Nike Mercurial Superfly 360 soccer boot.

Chapter 1:
Savage Beauty

"Madeira will always be close to my heart"

Discovered on Madeira his power was still raw and untamed, just like the lava spit out by the islands volcano. And that was our cue for chapter number one. Raw, hot and glowing lava marks the beginning of Ronaldo and Nikes soccer boot respectivley.

Chapter 2:
Natural Diamond

"Leaving home at twelve was the most difficult part of my career so far"

Taken to his first training grounds it is time for the natural diamond being cut into the perfect shape which makes it really shine and glister. So here we have our 3D diamonds, stones and refractive shapes.

Chapter 3:

"This game changed my career forever. Ten days after the match, I was playing in England with my new team."

 And there we have it. His career explodes, just like a ..., maybe, ... SUPERNOVA!

Chapter 4:
Forged for Greatness

"In the five years that I was there, I learned the art of football"

 Getting tougher, becoming more sturdy that's what's making up the visual theme for this chapter. A blacksmith working on red hot glowing metal to create the ultimate athlete made of steel.

Chapter 5:
Cut to Brilliance

"My motivation is to show the world that I'm a class player"

... and what shows more class than a diamond? Trained to perfection, hardest material there is, valuable and full of self esteem.

Chapter 6:
Born Leader

"When you play for your country, you want to win, you want to defend your colors."

Colors,... Your country,... well that means "Flags". So flags it is.

Chapter 7:
Built on Dreams

The final chapter - a lifetime of improvement distills into the one single product you are today. Grown and refined over decades it's the best what it can be.


  • Title: Nike CR7 Chapters
    Client: Nike Global Football
    Producer: Amanda Conley, Jennifer Hartwell
    Design Director: David Oliva

  • CD: Christian Tyroller
    Producer: Julian Fischer
    Music & Sound Design: Michael Fakesch, Designing Sounds
  • 3D Artists: Leo Akinbiyi, Alex Bootz, Douglas Bowdon, Dobromir Dyankov, Martin Egger, Can Erduman, Felicia "Fee" Fuchs, Jens Kindler, Lars Korb, Jordi Pages