Nike - Cage 3

No slipping, no shifting, pure grip and total control - that's what tennis players can expect from Nike Cage 3 Tennis footwear. Keeps you caged! We created looping animations for the Mens and Womens version as well as huge res prints.

The Shoe

Knowing we need to get pretty up close for the animation we decided to do a photogrammetry of the real shoe and use the full process to squeeze as much quality out of it as possible. As a result we got one of the most highly detailed scanned models we created so far.

The Process

Creative Development and what other options we looked at.

Picking up the structure on the shoe there were a few roads we traveled until we found to perfect one to go.


  • Client: Nike USA Inc.
    Producer: Corey Green
    Global Brand Manager: Pascal Fritz
  • Producer@Aix: Julian Fischer
    Creative Director: Manuel Casasola Merkle, Moritz Schwind

    Sound: Michael Fakesch
  • Artists: Manuel Casasola Merkle, Christo, Hatzigiakoumis, Lars Korb, Moritz Schwind, Felix Wolf, Matthias Zabiegly