Loewe Craftsmenship

When highest quality materials, attention to detail and German craftsmenship meet, Loewe meets Aixsponza and, for a change, we get to do some real footage. Steering away from our usual 3D programs this one is more about finding the perfect light, perspective, edit and grading than finding the perfect polygons and shaders.


  • Client: Loewe Opta
    Agency: Brandoffice, Munich
    CD Agency: Heiko Dertinger, Brandoffice
    AD Agency: Georg Dejung, Brandoffice
  • Director: Christian Tyroller
    D.O.P.: Oliver Maier
    3D Artist: Christian Tyroller
    Compositing: David Bobichon
  • Editing: Christian Tyroller, Michael Münche
    Music & Sound Design: Michael Fakesch
    Producer: Julian Fischer