Niesmann+Bischoff iSmove Launch Pack

Join us on an epic journey through hot, cold, dry and damp environments going from the shoreline all the way up to the highest mountain peaks in this launch package we created together with Peter Clausen Filmproduktion for Niesmann+Bischoff.

Revealing the brandnew NB Motorhome "iSmove" we created a launch clips, animated content for a webspecial homepage as well as descriptive visualization renderings for printed catalogues. A one stop guide to awesomeness.

The Launch Clip

The central piece we've been working on. Used (in cutdown versions) as teaser trailers and in the full event presentation form. Full asset creation from CAD source data, scanned textures and materials and creation of the all digital surroundings took us some three months just to get the motorhome on track (or "on road") for production.

The Microsite

In addition to the launch clip we rendered quite a lof of interior animations showcasing special features of the iSmove to be used on its microsite homepage. On the webpage they can be controlled by userinteraction and for example it's possible to open up different drawers in the kitchen, change the bathroom from toilet to shower configuration or bring out the additional fold-away bed.

Find the microsite experience here:

The Configurator

Obviously with any automotive project (and a motorhome is definatively automotive) there's also the need for visual material for a configurator. As we got the asset ready it was an easy choice to do an all digital configurator. For webcoding purposes the exterior was actually one full rendering per possible configuration. The interior was done in a layered technique, only rendering every part that changes once and then placing the correct layers to form a full image via coding. The exterior ended up with 2000 frames rendered, the Interior took only 33 frames due to layering. Find the iSmove configurator here:

Tech Details

Typically the last step in such an comprehensive Product Release project is rendering smaller suplemental material for print purposes. We rendered various views of the motorhome and also some motifs highlighting technical details like the one pictured here - descriptive images of the locations of various storage tanks of the iSmove.


  • Client: Niesmann+Bischoff GmbH
    Production Company & Agency: Peter Clausen Film & TV Produktionsgesellschaft GmbH
    Director & Producer: Peter Clausen
    Creation: Peter Clausen, Cecilia Trück, Christian Tyroller
  • CG Director: Christian Tyroller
    Producer: Julian Fischer
    Technical Director: Matthias Zabiegly
    CAD: Holger Aumüller
    Shading Artist: Raphael Rau
    Animation: Christian Scheck, Andreas Wenzel, Stefan Voigt
    3D Artists: Henning Ricke, Dobromir Dyankov, Jörg Fassbender, Srajal Mandwal, Niclas Schlapmann
    Sculpting Artists: Jens Kindler, Axel Schönberg
    Cloth Simulation: Alvaro Moreira
    Texture Scanning: Manuel Casasola Merkle, Christian Stanzel
  • Music Composition: Andrej Melita
    Sound Design & Mixing: Heiko Müller