Fendt - Product Visualization

For years we have been creating a multitude of media to let Fendt tractors shine at their best. There's product films (where we also did Direction of the life action footage and organized the shoots), 3d print renderings which give you a glimpse on the inner workings of the tractors, images for online visualizers and educational animations used on Fendt's webpage, for training seminars and at tradeshow exhibitions. 

For use in print as well as online we created renderings for nearly all models that Fendt offers, showing various technical features in see through style. Working with a complete CAD model of the tractor that includes every part down to the smallest screw we pulled a working 3d model from that and had full flexibility when it came to showing all the different features. The data set was pretty heavy but so were the possibilities working with the data. "Can you show that thing inside the other thingie that's sitting in the big thing?" - Sure we can! And we can make it see through and shiney.

And to top it of we also did a few explanatory animations which explain various features (Fendt VarioDrive and Fendt GripAssistant) in more depth and detail. These animations are used online as well as for training sessions that take place at Fendt.

The main focus here was to break down really complex technical processes into very easy to understand films that still don't leave anything important out. We tried to ease technical complexity while not taking away a correct representation of the processes even on the smaller level.


  • Client: AGCO GmbH Fendt
  • Director: Christian Tyroller
    Head of Production: Matthias Zabiegly
    3D Artists: Leo Akinbiyi, Holger Aumüller, Sermin Kaynak, Tobias Hoffmann, Sven Mai, Christian Lachenschmidt, George Maihöfer, Elisabeth Schlichtner, Markus Sick, Benno Verschueren, Stefan Voigt, Jörg Vogel
  • Producer: Julian Fischer
    Compositing: Martin Rosenkranz