Grifter, bring on two megatons of polygons! Square kilometers of 3d landscapes, engine exhaust, explosions and fierce weapons in all their metallic close up glory build up the tension in this flight to destruction. Only to be conquered by something even bigger.

Retopo of the Fighter was done in 3dCoat and Cinema4d, the backdrop landscape evolved in WorldMachine. The base which is attacked by the fighters was built in one day as a far-background object. Warp jumping through space (no matter how overweight you are) is possible with TurbulenceFD and Krakatoa and a few extra glows added here and there.

Making the wet dreams of all 3d nerds come true - finally there's a project where things just blow up! Custom ThinkingParticles Fracturing controled by painting Hair on surfaces initiated destruction in all shots. On top of that follow layers after layers of TurbulenceFD simulated fire and smoke. Debris flying of and sparkle layers complete the mayhem.

And finally - people standing in a room.

Part of the crew who was working on the job. There's a few people missing as they've either been working remotely or been very camera shy.

A big Thank You to the whole team who did an extraordinary job on an extremly tight deadline!


  • for: Greybox, SixFoot & Yager
    Executive Creative Direction: Filip Lange
    Creative Direction: Kay Tennemann
    VFX Supervisor / TD: Manuel Casasola Merkle
    Producer: Julian Fischer
  • Modeling: Marcel Dolschon, Lars Korb, Jörg Vogel, Patrick Hecht
    Texturing / Shading: Lars Korb, Raphael Rau
    Environment: Manuel Casasola Merkle, Fabian Hofmann
    SceneSetup & Lighting: Marcel Dolschon, Philipp Strasser, Jörg Vogel, Patrick Hecht, Kay Tennemann
    VFX: Fuat Yüksel, Simon Fiedler
  • Compositing: Peter Balicki, Filip Lange
    Additional UI Design: Julian Fleck
    Yager Game Direction: Peter Holzapfel, Mathias Wiese
    Yager Production: Rudolf D. Klumpp, Mark Liebold
    Yager Sound Design: Alexander Marian, Julien Herion