Cinema 4D Logo Redesign

For the release of Cinema R13, Maxon wanted to refresh their brand and asked us to create a new logo for them. Keeping the old one in mind in order not to put off long-standing customers, we went through a long, unrestricted and creative process. In the end, there it was, right in front of us: The new logo for our favorite software package.

Cinema 4D is one of the leading 3D packages for the creative industries. In 2010 Maxon approached Aixsponza for a redesign of their logo. The brand hadn't significantly changed its appearance for a long time, so it was time for some fresh air. Our goal was to give Cinema 4D a new corporate idenditiy to clearly communicate its ease of use and high quality. The new logo should be simple, clear and distinctive. The new CI should be slick, shiny and modern to support Cinema4D as a design tool. It had to separate the product from its competition. Last but not least it should strongly state that Cinema4D is a professional tool that bears comparison easily with all the other packages on the market. From a marketing point of view the recognition of the already very established brand was important. So that´s why Maxon was asking more for a evolution than a revolution. Aixsponza achieved these requirements with a mix of cleaning up the existing logo and development of the the overall shape. A more elaborate surface feel and it's cleaner outline is represtenting the quality and ease of use of Cinema 4D. Cinema 4D R13 was the first version that was released with the new branding.

Website relaunch & Packaging

In addition to the new branding of Cinema 4D we also proposed a design for the R13 box packaging. Designs for the boxes of all available bundles were created, maintaining a common look&feel yet seperating the individual bundles clearly. Alongside the new Logo concept we also did concept layouts for a new Maxon website, giving it a fresh and inspiring look and feel.


  • Title: Cinema 4D Logo Redesign
    Client: Maxon
  • Designstudio: Aixsponza GmbH
    Lead Designer: Manuel Casasola Merkle & Ingo Walde
  • Designer: Elisabeth Schlichtner, Patrick Schade, Elisa Krenz
    Sounddesign: Lars Fischer