Checker Tobi - Feature Film

Checker Tobi is a popular kids edutainment format on german television. He's so popular that the format got adapted for the big screen. Together with megaherz we produced about 15 minutes of animated explanatory sequences for the feature.

Here's a cutdown of shots we created:

The planet of cute

The main protagonist in our animated sequences (next to Checker Tobi himself obviously) is planet earth in a variety of conditions. There's the beautiful blue marble, a dirty version of it and an ancient vulcano variant. All built to look like they were handmade in a kids room featuring small details like moss woods, plasticine mountains, papercut waves and beautiful illustrations from megaherz. And if you're not so interested in playfull cute things there's also manly VFX things like snowballs simulated to impact vulcano earth and melt to form oceans!

Toy cars, toy rockets, toy planes,.. toy everything!

To fill the scenes with life quite a lot of toy vehicle assets were created. Soft shapes, handmade look, lots of details - that was the briefing for them. And a few of our toy vehicles looked so good that they were promoted to a main role. So now a toy plane modeled after the real plane they used on location is opening the movie.

Oh! And also: big fucking exhaust plume rocket launch sequence anyone?

Childish Creatures

You can't have animation without a few creatures in our scenes. Our main one was the cutest (and probably also dumbest) Tardigrade we could find. Put them into space and you're in for one floaty ride.

As the Tardigrade really was a hero guy in one of the sequences quite a lot of fiddling went into the sculpting / texturing / animation process to make him appealing to the kids watching the film. And as we had Zbrush, Substance and all the other character centric programs fired up anyway we applied the same process to a tiny but lovely fish too.

Let it rain

The last chapter of the movie is a recap of everything we've seen before. It happens in strong rain and our challenge was, to render a notebook drenched in heavy pouring water. The simulations were done in Houdini like pretty much all sims for this project. Then we brought everything in Cinema4D and rendered with Octane.

Thank You Checker Tobi

for taking us on this incredible fun adventure!


And Thank You to all the nice people who were the crew

for a most awesome production time!


  • Production: megaherz
    Coproduction: Bayerischer Rundfunk / ARD, Studio Babelsberg

    Producer: Franz Gernstl, Oliver Gernstl, Fidelis Mager

    Director: Martin Tischner

    Animation Director: Robert Mayer

    Music: Sonja Glas
  • Postproduction @ megaherz

    Postproduction Supervisor: Florian Kohlert

    Illustrations: Carolin Flammang, Anne Weberndörfer

    Sounddesign: Oliver Görtz
  • Animation @ Aixsponza

    Head of 3D: Christian Scheck, Matthias Zabiegly

    Supervisor Aix: Tobias Müller
    Producer Aix: Julian Fischer

    3D Artists: Holger Aumüller, Jonas Rauber, Elisabeth Schlichtner, Stefan Voigt
    Sculpting: Jens Kindler, Lars Korb, Nick Zieroff
    Character Rigging & Animation: Leo Akinbiyi
    VFX-Simulation: Martin Egger
    Tracking: David Bobichon
    Rendering: Christian Lachenschmidt