Capri Sun Spots

Cute, sunny and full of taste - that's what our spots for Capri Sun are.

Fruit Demos

To show the ingredients of the drinks of the respective shots we simulated juicy fruits mixing with crystal clear water resulting in tasty CapriSun. Art directed keyframe animation for the fruit and simulated liquids merged to technically and visually pleasing shots.


  • Client: Capri Sun Vertriebs GmbH
    Agency: Serviceplan Campaign 3 GmbH
    FFF: Neverest Group GmbH
    CG Director @ Aix: Tobias Müller
    Producer @ Aix: Julian Fischer
  • 3D Scanning: Maximilian Gründl, Daniel Hennies
    Sculpting: Lars Korb
    Modeling: Holger Aumüller
    Animation: Leo Akibiyi, Can Erduman
  • Fluid Simulation: Christo Hatzigiakoumis, Daniel Hennies
    3D Artist: Jens Kindler, Christian Scheck, Matthias Zabiegly
    Compositing: Tobias Müller