BMW - Concept i4

For the launch of the BMW Concept i4 electric car we created animations for social media highlighting certain aspects of the vehicle.

#THEConcepti4 #BMWi #bornelectric

The Teaser

A first glimpse of new things. Starting to build some tension with a Houdini fluid sim renderend in c4d Octane. This was used to spark quite some joy on the internet as people were going wild in speculating what the car hidden underneath our liquid would look like.

The Bakery
Production Line

It is a concept car, yes. But a concept car that is close to a production vehicle. So here's a quick glimpse of BMWs production line.

Obstacle Course

Pretty User Interfaces on the iconic Curved Display for the information and control panels help you navigate the most queer environments. Puts the driver in the center point, enables touch input and gives the cockpit a sleek and modern look.

Material Balls

Next one up is this beauty here. Looking at material sample balls we can see the vehicle shaping itself in pristine quality. And as a small surprise there's that visual trick to quickly show the actual car without giving away too much of it already.


No matter how you look at the BMW Concept i4, it simply is one hell of an electric car!

red dot Brand & Communication Design, Grand Prix

Super stoked to be awarded with the red dot Grand Prix in Brand & Communication Design. Check it out here:


  • Client: BMW Group
    Head of Design Identity BMW Group:
    Fabio Olivotti
    Creative Direction: Uta Bodenstein
    Project Lead: Florian Ströhlein
  • Aixsponza
    CD: Christian Tyroller
    Producer: Julian Fischer
    Artists: Christian Scheck, Matthias Zabiegly
    Fluid Sim: Hannes Gerl, Mars Dolschon, Moritz Krampl
  • Music / SFX: Michael Fakesch, designingsounds