Art Deco

Stereoscopic spot for the 25th anniversary of the Artdeco cosmetic brand. Done in Stereo3d it enjoyed a rather long lasting appearance in cinemas before the main movie. Maybe you wanna get out your anaglyph goggles for this one.


  • Client: ArtDeco Cosmetic GmbH
    Production Company: CMP GmbH, Uwe Bendixen
  • Animation Studio: Aixsponza GmbH
    CD / Design / Editing /VFX Supervisor: Manuel Casasola Merkle
    VFX Director: Christian Tyroller
    Producer: Anne Tyroller
    Animatic: Fuat Yüksel, Tobe Szabo, Magid Hoff
  • VFX: Elisabeth Schlichtner
    3D Artist: Leo Akinbiyi
    Compositing: Sermin Kaynak
    Production Manager: Barbara Schmick