Al Jazeera Arabia Pitch

Al Jazeera asked us to come up with a creative, modern and innovative design solution which builds on the present visual statement and expands the narrative which is so well established within the Arabic world and beyond.

For the new on screen branding of AL JAZEERA Arabia we focused on a clear graphic language. We consolidated the established brand essences and brought them into a unified system of strong recognition. The colour palette consists of bright pearl white, highly contrasting to deep blue. The only additional colour is gold used sparsely as a highlight. As the main ident is the key element for the whole channel this is also where we featured the AL JAZEERA logo. For the title packages of different areas of the station we took the underlying theme and reworked it to fit. So the weather section, news, gossip and everything else the station offers fits right into the broader design language.


  • Client: Al Jazeera international
    Agency: Flint Scallen
  • Design Studio: Aixsponza GmbH
    Creative Director: Christian Tyroller

  • 3D Artist: Mars Dolschon
    Designer: Sermin Kaynak