13th Street Pitch

After the invitation to pitch for the redesign of NBCs horror channel "13th street" we developed two different approaches to the topic taking various stereotypes to build graphic identities upon them.

the Raven

One of the most typical icons for going gloomy, frightening and horrific is with no doubt the raven. Sitting in a bleak environment with dead trees this dark fella serves as the main anchor of our first proposed theme. Building a full 3d model complete with an advanced rig to be able to pose the raven for layout and mood images we went quite a distance considering this was done as a pitch only.


Dirty, gritty and most of all bloody - that's what our second style is all about. Nothing better to convey the feeling of a horrific murder (or lets say slaughter) that took place in that remote village somewhere far out in the woods. Working with lots of spraying red paint, smearing it all over the place we were creating styleframes that are not for the faint hearted.


  • Client: NBC Network
  • Creative Director: Christian Tyroller
    VFX Director: Manuel Casasola Merkle
  • 3d Artists: Ulf Gieseler, Magid Hoff, Fuat Yüksel, Matthias Zabiegly