Not only do we take on finished boards from ad agencies acting as a full spectrum CGI studio but we also bring our own ideas to marketability. Letting the creative juices flow we tell stories, create visually pleasing imagescreate new worlds, build designguides, give birth to cute and scary characters, realize typography and compose the music that fits your new visual way of life.

Here are some layouts, moods and pitches we developed.


From freestyling to following strict CI design bibles this is where our creativity can have a fling. You give us detailed briefings, give us the liberty to “do whatever we want” or anything inbetween. We strive to be at the very edge of the current Zeitgeist. We do traditional or crazy, tame or wild, seeking the style that lets our client shine in the best light. These frames are the foundations for the in-depth work that follows on later.


Awww look at that guy! Using characters is the easiest way to build an emotional connection with your customers. Yet designing them so they convey the exact emotion that you want to convey is no simple task, nor is transfering that design into a functional 3d rendered model. We had the chance to work on some characters ranging from cartoony little fellas to creepy horror ravens to realistic astronauts. Some of them even got nicknames, others are just known as "the dude".


Getting a style approved is half the battle. But we don't stop there. We aim for full victory and supply our clients with everything they need, be it for print campaigns, on air broadcasts or tradeshows. As a full service studio we arrange for live action shoots, merge layouts and storyboards into moving pictures, provide high resolution print frames and complete CIs, equip your broadcast with lower thirds, corner bugs and so on. We even make sure your brandnew favourite project sounds as good as it looks.