We are Aixsponza (Eks-sponza)

Since 2006 our team of designers and technology geeks have been producing animations for big and small budgets alike. We tell stories, create visually pleasing imagery and simplify even the most complex processes into clear and digestible sequences. We create new worlds, build design guides, realize typography and compose music in order to fit your new visual way of life.

We are passionate about motion graphics, 3D animation, visual effects & graphic design.

The Studio

Our studio is located in the very center of Munich's vibrant creative and leisure neighbourhood Schwabing. Resisting the urge to go out and party with the crowd, we enjoy our spacious and open office space. Quiet meeting areas, busy working spaces, fancy leather couches, a cozy kitchen and two balconies with green (sometimes also greyish-brown) plants ... we've got it all.

One Night Stand or Ready for commitment?

A group of friends is looking for some more friendly faces to join the show. If you are interested in working with nice people on nice projects and are pretty fly in Cinema4d, Houdini, AfterEffects or Nuke, then, this is your gig.

  • Experienced Freelancers 2D/3D/compositing

    True CGtarians wanted! Rocking out in all three dimensions in an ultra professional way? If pixels are what you love this might be for you. The projects we're working on range from big to small. There's something in the mix for everybody. Come to help us out in layout / mood creation, 3D production or compositing. You should feel comfortable working in small teams, be proactive, knowledgable but most importantly; be a friendly person. Are you the one we've been looking for?

  • The next big gun of 3D motion graphics (internship)

    You're studying? Changing career paths? Do you want to get some hands-on experience in a motion graphics studio?

    We offer internships to get you on track. Ideally, you have a background in design and 3D as well as six months of spare time. Some enthusiasm for pretty pictures would be fine, too. Then we can start talking business.

    One thing that sounds unsexy but is super important: We can only accept interns that are studying something related to the media business and the internship is a mandatory one required to complete your studies (german: Pflichtpraktikum).

To apply for any of these jobs please send an email with your resume and a link to your portfolio to: jobs@aixsponza.com